Your Collection is the solution

Why Flexi Finance?


To maximize debt collection through effective and innovative collections solutions focusing on helping delinquent clients to have better credit reputations

One Team

In COLLECTIONS, we promote teamwork and ensure that nobody feels alone in facing challenges and celebrating victories. We strive to work as a unit through collaboration and effective communication to grow and improve together.

Competitive Compensation

Working in COLLECTIONS guarantees that your efforts are well rewarded. A percentage of each collection is earned and you can earn as much as you can without a limit.

What do I have to meet?

Flexible Schedule

Comprehensive Training and Career Growth

Unlimited Commission

What awaits you after admission

A well-planned step by step process to ensure success with Flexi

During the training, you will learn useful information about Flexi Finance, give you access on greater productivity, introduce our online application process and paperless transaction

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We will introduce all our products, we will guide you through all our materials and introduce you easy and paperless application process. Continuous guidance and coaching will definitely build your confidence in style


We want stronger employee experience and higher engagement. We are always committed to job satisfaction and sustainable productivity

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Tailoring of our products to meet the needs of our customers. If a product meets the needs of a customer, sales will increase and you will surely earn your commission

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Is this job suitable for me?

For everyone motivated not just to make a living but to realize your dreams, where your collection will solve clients' debt and your earnings, be a part of COLLECTIONS.

The family comes first to me

The ideal balance of work and family time. This job allows me to devote myself fully to my kids and at the same time build a career. I can plan my working hours and meetings with clients according to my needs, it is a reliable income for me which will take care of family expenses.

I’m at the beginning of my career

I jumpstarted my career with Flexi as a trusted member of the HR Team and I couldn’t be happier to be part of a culturally diverse organization, where only the best in their respective fields carefully guide and foster our growth.

I want to stay financially stable

I am the master of my time and the amount of my commission is not limited by anything. I use my skills for attractive extra income and this allows me to increase my earnings, meet new people and help clients realize their needs and dreams.

I want to build a successful career

Having a successful career will offer me a lot of benefits and profitable opportunities. I become aware of my strengths and leverage my knowledge for the best purposes. It offers me the feeling of working my way up to the top that will definitely improve my career and quality of life.

I want to stay active in my retirement

After retiring, I realized how important it was for me to be in touch with people and still be productive. I can still use my skills for attractive extra income, attend salesmanship training and I learn to process paperless transaction

Career Opportunities

Field Collections Manager
Quezon City, Bohol, Mandaluyong
Field Debt Collector (FDP)
The whole Philippines
Soft Collectors