Where I will be assigned?

We are operating the whole Philippines, it gives you the access to be assigned close to your home and flexibility to balance home and work more effectively, cuts down on travel time and saving cost on transportation

What are my responsibilities as an FSP?

You must be knowledgeable in the different products the company is offering, Process loan application online and cashless transaction, In charge of maintaining and enhancing the point of sales, Fulfilling of the company’s set business plans and sales targets, Maintaining a professional relationship with internal and external clients and/or store partners

How am I compensated?

We will extend to you the FSP adaptation program, the objective of this program is to provide you financial support while learning the skills you need to be more proficient in the field of sales. Making your sales journey more exciting, effective and productive. We can offer you as well sky’s-the-limit commission, comprehensive training and career growth.

How to apply?

At Flexi Finance, you’ll do the best work of your career. Takes work but it’s worth it. To apply, just send us your updated resume and undergo interviews. Once passed, submit all the pre employment requirements we need.

What are the qualifications needed for a job?

Education with a high school diploma, years in college or college graduate, No criminal record, Experience is plus

Working hours?

Flexible working hours for commission based, 7 hours per day 6 days a week for adaptation program

What awaits me after admission?

During the training, you will learn useful information about Flexi Finance, give you access to greater productivity, introduce our online application process and paperless transaction

We will introduce all our products, we will guide you through all our materials, and introduce you to the easy and paperless application process. Continuous guidance and coaching will definitely build your confidence in style

On-Boarding Program
We want a stronger employee experience and higher engagement. We are always  committed to job satisfaction and sustainable productivity

Is the job suitable for me?

Working with us is suitable for everyone who has the desire to be independent, financially stable and time-dependent. An appetite for business and client care is important to us.